How to run the latest WebKit ( Safari ) on Windows

2 min readOct 4, 2017


If you are working on Mac or Linux you can easily download WebKit or Safari Technical Preview from this link


But sometimes it is required to check how some JavaScript or HTML/CSS will look like in the latest Webkit and in next Safari on Windows environment. Before developer has to build WebKit by self, and it is quite time consuming operation for such small operation as check something in Webkit on Window:

But after the latest changes in webkit build pipeline, this can be done in easier way:

Because build artifacts stored for 14 days, they can be downloaded from storage. There is a steps how it can be done by self.

There is list of Webkit Windows builds:

Build console
Build steps

There link to log where builds are stored:

Build logs
Link to build

So we can use this link to download build, be prepared it quite big more that 200 Mb.

There can be found MinBrowser.exe and jsc.exe that allow to test latest WebKit features. Also be aware that to run jsc.exe Apple Application support(AAS) libs should be installed, I’ve installed iTunes for that, and possible cygwin as well. I’ve checked on my dev machine and this components were already installed.




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