🌸 A choice of what is best 🌸

One thing I realize over the years of choosing who should stay in my life was a difficult decision then. I always have to consider blood relationship; considering what we went through in our lives together as long time friends; and a lot more others… Then came to me that some easily let go of our relationship (any kind: blood/friendship) because they can. I always have to wonder why some can just let it go despite the years and years of building the relationship together. I always have to beg for the other person to stay. 😏 Even if, at times, my principles have to be sacrificed.

After all the feeling of rejection, failure of being a friend, feeling of not wanting to be part of the relationship, I finally got tired of it. Tired of feeling lonely. Tired of being left behind. Tired of always running after them. Tired of having to explain and justify things for them in my thoughts. My realization now is that, if they can easily do that to me, I can do the same to them, right? My husband kept reminding me that I cannot please everyone by being me. He would remind me that I should prioritize myself and plainly be happy. I cannot always give reasons for them because they are “somebody” I treasure. Why? Because for them, am just not as valuable as I thought I was. 😕

So finally, after reaching to this age, I allow people to come in to our lives, my life. But if you do not wish to stay and fight for us and/or me at least, you’re not as valuable as you are anymore! I treat you as you treat me. I believe that’s a fair relationship. No one gets hurt. No one is left behind. No one gets lonely. No expectaions. I have accepted in my life that not all GOOD people will stay, and not all BAD people will go. How ironic… but true!