Hillary Clinton In The Foretold Prophecy Of A Nigerian Prophet
 By Alaba Abdulrazak
 Prophet Perez Iyiola Oluyemi is a Nigerian Man of God whose many
 predictions and prophecies in the lives of individuals, corporate,
 local and international platforms had come to pass without failures.
 His accurate predictions have made his ardent watchers and most
 especially those in the high echelon to call him ‘Perez Oracle’.
 When in 2011, Prophet Perez Oluyemi in what he called ‘Prophetic
 Bombshell’ made some powerful predictions about the future of United
 States of America; many including this writer were skeptical about the
 predictions coming to pass. Even those who have been following his
 previous predictions which had come to pass were somehow doubtful.
 In the 2011 ‘Prophetic Bombshell’ of the Prophet who could be called
 Nigerian Nostradamus; he opposed Harold Camping prediction of the
 world coming to an end and also predicted that President Barack Obama
 would win his second term in 2012. He also predicted that the global
 economic meltdown would last for seven years and that by 2015 the
 economy of America would rise.
 Also, in that 2011 ‘Prophetic Bombshell’, there was a prophecy which
 many did not approve. The prophecy regarding the coming of Hillary
 Clinton in 2016 to them was like a ‘Prophetic Gaffe’ from the Man with
 many accurate predictions.
 While speaking to journalists in his 2011 ‘Prophetic Bombshell’, the
 Man of God said: “God spoke to me that the global economic meltdown
 will last for seven years and it has only being for three years now.
 So, by 2015, global economic meltdown naturally will go and the
 economy of America will shoot-up from 2015. And to tell you, God has
 revealed to me that a woman will lead the way for America’s prosperity
 to be achieved. He gave a word from the Book of Jeremiah and the Book
 of Genesis: “That a woman shall be a covering of a man in the last
 day”. And he said through the seed of a woman shall the head of a
 serpent be crushed. And what does that mean? It said this particular
 economic meltdown that we are taking about would be crushed through
 the policy of a woman. And I began to pray; he said watch out for
 these two women: Hillary Clinton and Sarah Pauline. And I asked God
 that Hillary Clinton must have aged by then and he said to me: Don’t
 think about age! If she sustains her passion and prays very hard, she
 would win in 2016 after the second term of Obama. The grace of God is
 working to favour a woman as U.S President in 2016.”
 On April 12, 2015, Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambition was
 announced via a YouTube video. The wife of former President Bill
 Clinton, Hillary Clinton was the United States Senator from New York
 prior to serving as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama,
 an office she held from 2009 until 2013.
 She was a candidate in the 2008 Democratic primaries and her candidacy
 in the 2016 election is her second bid for the presidency.
 Clinton would be recalled announced her first decision to run for the
 2008 presidential election on January 20, 2007. Early in the race, she
 was considered the frontrunner for the Democratic Party, and actively
 sought her party’s nomination. Clinton ran ahead in the polls, until
 Illinois Senator Barack Obama began pulling ahead following the South
 Carolina primary.
 In the prolonged primary battle that ensued, during which she received
 more than 18 million votes, Clinton lost the nomination to Obama.
 Obama won the general election against Arizona Republican Senator John
 McCain on November 4, 2008.
 As Prophet Oluyemi’s prediction about Hillary Clinton is coming to
 reality she has claimed the Democratic presidential nomination after
 decisive victories in the California, New Jersey and New Mexico
 With the 14-month Democratic race nearing a close, Mrs. Clinton
 savored the biggest night of her extraordinary journey- from lawyer,
 wife and first lady to senator, secretary of state and, now, the first
 woman to win a major party’s nomination. At a rally in Brooklyn, she
 took the stage with her hands clasped over her heart in gratitude,
 then threw open her arms in joy and savored a long moment as a
 jubilant crowd waved American flags and chanted “Hillary.”
 Reaching for history, Mrs. Clinton pledged to build on the
 achievements of pioneers like the 19th-century leaders at Seneca
 Falls, N.Y., who began the fight for women’s rights in America.
 “Tonight caps an amazing journey — a long, long journey,” she said,
 nearly a century after women won the right to vote nationwide. “We all
 owe so much to that who came before, and tonight belongs to all of
 Hillary Clinton, who has appeared in the foretold prophecy of Nigerian
 Nostradamus looks good and stands a better chance of succeeding
 President Barack Obama.

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