For start-up entrepreneurs, most especially network marketers, there will sure be at least a ‘bad’ day in the history of your business life.

Has it ever happened to you that you just felt like quitting and giving up? Have you ever seemed to have lost the internal drive to continue and all you could think about is throwing in the towel? Have you ever been so down that you seemed to have forgotten how to stand again?

If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You just keep running from pillar to post, hitting the wall and running into ditches. You feel so disappointed, discouraged and dismembered as you watch your once lively hope burn away. It’s not uncommon to find such days as an entrepreneur. For a network marketer, such days are inevitable, most especially for start-ups with no real tutelage.

I had invested all I had into this particular business that looks so promising and prospectful. All of my savings plus some borrowed funds was invested into this great business that promised a huge turnout even in the shortest time possible.

Days went into weeks and weeks moved into months. One! two! three! four! five! six! Six good months but there was nothing to show for it. I had invested all I had and had even borrowed more to salvage the business but to no avail.

‘Maybe it just isn’t for me’, I silently consoled myself. I was about to throw in the towel when some silent thoughts began to whisper in my years: what would you gain if you quit this business today? You might have lost much but you would be a loser forever if you quit the business. There is no hope for any recovery. {read before you quit your network marketing business}

Then I summoned courage and put myself together. I started telling myself I could do it. I could effect a change in my business. I could do the miracle and turn my life around. Slowly, hope began to re-appear and belief started to intensify. The embers were being gently fanned into a living flame when this ‘bad’ day occurred.

One of the people I look up to in the business walked up to my partner and immediate boss and began to question his belief in me.

‘Why would you continue to support him? He’s been dormant for about six months and yet you still offer him your help. Don’t assist him any longer!’ She roared.

Being a very close and trusted friend that he was, he came to tell what transpired between the woman who happened to be his boss and partner and himself.

It was like draining the last drop of blood in me. “I’ve had it”, I told myself. The resuscitating embers seem to come to a halt and the growing hope hit the ‘pause’ button.

But do you know what I did?

I transformed it into one of my very best days ever.

I changed the meaning that I read into the ‘bad’ day. If I had achieved considerable success over the course of six months, the bad day would not have happened. There and then, I made promised myself to intensify my efforts so as to produce the amount of success I desire as soon and fast as possible.

I resolved to learn the skills that would propel me into the top 5% in my business. I decided to stop looking for shortcuts and easy routes but do the needed and necessary works. I determined to become so good that they cannot ignore me.

I saw myself as a winner no matter what. Although it seems I might have grounded at the moment, I saw myself as flying as fast as possible.

And do you know what? I began to fly. And you can too.

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