I’m joining Partnered

I’m excited to announce that I started a new gig yesterday! I’ve joined Partnered as Chief Product Officer.

Two years ago, I went to a poker game at the Sponsorfied offices, a fun stylish place near Union Square.

I took a little video snapshot to capture the atmosphere:

We’d gone through Y Combinator together but it was such a big batch and I was so heads down on my own product that I was still meeting new people months after demo day. I don’t remember doing well poker-wise but it was a fun crowd. I think I remember Ben Parr got one his big hands cracked. It was a fun social game rather than a serious tournament, so there was a lot of “no fold em hold em” that night.

I liked the team chemistry so much that I ended up joining them and working for 6 months on what would eventually become Partnered, connecting the marketing and innovation departments at big brands with exciting new startups.

Cullen Wilson and his awesome bedhead were my design partners in crime in 2013 while we tried a variety of product pivots to test the waters:

Behind him is Scott Oller manning the ping pong table in our lobby.

Fast forward — I freelanced last year while they refined some more and now the timing is right to rejoin the team, to consolidate their efforts and double down on the flagship product. They started spiking activity in the last few months with individual users and soon we’re going to be rolling out new team features to build more momentum.

I’m excited to get going! So come kick the tires here:


And let me know what I can do to make it better, especially if you find any interesting companies you want to work with on a marketing campaign. The main value is to work with companies you normally wouldn’t have access to, whether they’re big brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Red Bull, or exciting startups such as Spotify and Product Hunt.

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