The Cobuild Process: the new way to make dreams come true

Although that’s a repeated phrase, in this case, it is real. Your idea, even your business dream can be possible from now thanks to the Cobuild process. If you want to know why continue reading this post and learn everything you have to know about this acceleration process idea.

Let’s talk about the Cobuild process meaning

We know very well the meaning of build, but what is it change when we add the prefix co. There is the key. Co, involve two or more people who joining knowledge, experience, abilities and whatever they want, to achieve a goal. In this case, we are referring to your business idea.

In The Cobuild Process, you join a team who transform your idea, in a viable and exponential company.

That’s why is defined for some people how the magic of genius, talking about collaborative effort.

Co-building implies business strategies, entrepreneurship, technological innovation, and all necessary things to take an idea to the next level.

People sometimes tend to relate it with idea acceleration, but really, it is more than that.

Why should people use the Cobuild process?

In addition to having the opportunity of materializing and developing your business idea, in this process, you will learn lots of things, you will meet amazing people who show you a universe of knowledge, especially if it referred to entrepreneurship.

Create, develop and maintain businesses is not an easy task: Business Strategy, Prototyping, Marketing Strategy, Sales Plan, Accounting, Legal Advising, Taxes Planification, Branding are the most common areas of knowledge involve, that’s why you need a team, people who help you achieve goals, and cover every detail you need at the beginning, during the first and the next years.

Where can I begin?

Usually, people don’t know how or where to begin. They only have an idea, and they feel afraid of spending too much money or worse, they rush into starting a business without proper education.

Once you have an idea and a team, you must follow every phase of the process which we will list below.

The Cobuild Process is composed in the next steps

  1. Validate: where you will validate the idea to know if it solves a problem that exists. You can plan and estimate the customer’s acceptation percent.
  2. Cobuild: it has the same name. Because of you and your team build the idea, designing a prototype or an MVP, do some live testing, try to reach the product market fit and build the value and growth hypothesis.
  3. Plan: Here, you have to write and plan every method, activity, resource and every necessary detail you will need to make it happen: Business Plan, Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, Go To Market Plan, etc
  4. Accelerate: at this point, you have to have a sustainable business with a very good growth projection. From there, you must accelerate and put into practice marketing, communication and business strategies in the market to impact and transform potential customers.

Cobuild in Miami

If you live in Miami you are lucky! Miami is the technology and entrepreneurship center on the state of Florida. Here you will find amazing ideas, nice people, great professionals and of course, good environment.

All of that and a little more will be present at the Cobuild Miami: Improved Process to startup creation meetup Group.

This event is going to be organized by us, and we are sure about the good time you will have if you assist.

We can be co-builders

And not only you with us. Cobuild’s community will be present. You can meet them and start a good business from there.

We are waiting for you. You cannot lose this. Begin with your Cobuild process at Meetup called Cobuild Miami Improved Process to startup creation. See you!