Photo taken by Author

Ancestors planted their seed where the white and blue Niles meet.

My ruh is in the whole of Sudan, never mind the line in the sand.

United in the kingdom of England, my parents planted their tree.

I was sent to my body on day one-hundred and twenty.

I taught Mama English, but Mama taught me everything else -

how to cook, how to care, how not to pee everywhere.

I was nine when mum and dad put the tree on their back,

and carried their wingless birds to nest in a colder habitat.

The tree grew. I found my wings on Treaty 4 land.

Named them Eden, for paradise, where there are no lines in the sand.

My soul is still in hot, dark, and sweet, Sudan,

but God bless the snow. God bless this whole Earth that is home.



Ala Eisa (she/her)

Ala Eisa (she/her)

Black-Canadian — Muslim, Mother, Student— Psychology and English nerd — I love all-things food and culture.