I wrote this in the middle of the night

Me and you are completely different people. That’s a good thing.

If your skipping these paragraphs stop reading this story your not really interested in what I have to say. Your probably the person who never cares what people have to say anyways. Your probably the type of person who thinks of what they’re going to say while someone else is speaking. If for even a second you thought I was talking about you… Your a pretty shit person.

I feel obligated to say that identity is one of the most important things somebody can have. Identity is what causes me to be completely different from you.

“Birds of a feather, flock together.”

Robert Burton

Robert Burton’s quote is so important that i’m going to give 3 reasons explaining why. For each reason I will add a picture as proof. And don’t worry this won’t be bullshit either, i’m not being forced to write this for a prof so that I can get a degree and be like everyone else.


  1. Robert Burton is right Birds of a feather do flock together, and that’s the main problem. You see Robert Burton is the first of many who tell the world that your like someone based on what your physical appearance is or in easier terms what you look like. If your like Robert Burton and think all people in a specific race are the same this is you.

2. Robert Burton’s quote is the reason for one of the worlds worst atrocities that took place in Germany during the middle 1900’s. Your probably thinking i’m reaching with this claim and that there’s no correlation between Robert Burton’s quote and Nazi’s. So instead of going on a full rant i’ll quote the quote once more then add a picture. That’ll be the proof I need. This picture represents what happens when birds of a feather think their identity is based on there appearance.

“Birds of a feather, flock together.”

Me finding a picture with a bird in it was done on purpose by the way.

3. If you believe that Birds of a feather should flock together that means your most likely opposed to other birds with different feathers and you also most likely think that races should stay together and not interact with other races either. I know exactly what type of person you are.

Me and you are completely different people.

We are different not because of our skin, class and looks

We are different because of our knowledge, spirituality and soul

Robert Burton said “Birds of a feather, flock together.” fuck that

Alagie Bah says “Birds of different feathers, will one day flock together.”

For humanity to survive we have to come together by embracing our differences.