Can We Bring Back the Flip Phone? VHS? Bueller?

I am 22, introverted and exhausted as hell from the world.

Studying as a journalist, it is expected of us to keep up-to-date on the news (duh), keep a finger on the pulse of the world and be as connected as we can. It’s how we find and report news.

Until now, I had managed to have as little interaction with technology as I could stand. No twitter, only using FaceBook for photos I’m tagged in and keeping my snapchat because I like that dog filter. I liked it that way. Not because I’m a hipster asshole who hates those damn kids with the damn Vine accounts, because the internet is exhausting.

It’s mentally exhausting, it sucks all your mental capacity. Tweet this, tag this, crop the photo, filter filter filter, should I @ her? What’s the best #hashtag to make my posts popular? What’s trending? What isn’t? Am I?

It breeds a society that relies on an online persona that projects the perfect idea of who you are. We want to be jumping in a pile of leaves, hanging off the hottest guy at the bar and frolicking on a beach with our besties.

If that’s your life, I applaud you. I see your posts and I get jealous. I want to be that popular, I just want to break 100 likes on Instagram dammit!

I hate that feeling, the feeling of being less-than. I recoil from becoming that kind of person who is so invested in the internet that FOMO consumes me.

So what to do? In my very few 22 years, I have tried to come up with some ideas to walk away from the edge:

Fucking love what you do. I love writing, I love reading and I love learning. I am wicked passionate about telling and consuming stories. So when my batteries need a little re-charging, I put myself into some constructive work. Work that I know will help me in the future to get paid to do something I love.

Do something dumb. When I want to throw my phone at a wall, I decide to do something dumb. Not really dumb, like actually throw my phone at the wall, but something like a spontaneous dance party. Something silly, that does not contribute to anything in any way. Turn on a jam (Come on Eileen) and really dance. Childlike dance, not the weird MTV moves you learned for the club.

Troll yourself.When all else fails, realize that the internet is a place of magical little trolls, memes and blackholes of YouTube. It has created an entire “anti-culture” of people who are so skilled in being a delightful asshole, and it’s all at your fingertips. Take advantage out it.

It’s going to be okay for now, I think. I’m taking technology one day at a time. Maybe I’ll be one of them vloggers one day, who knows? I’m hopeful.