Check Your Privilege at the Polls

This election, has been trying. It has shown the true colors of this country, and they weren’t red, white and blue. They were ugly. We found out that maybe we weren’t as far along as we thought we were, which was scary. And as the time left on this election dwindles down, we have a choice as country to make history, either way. We can elect the first female president into office, or send a businessman to rule this country. It’s our choice.

When I read ignorant things on the internet about “protest votes”, I feel sad. These things are ignorant. They are ignorant and unreasonably entitled.

Voting in this nation is a right that democracy has gracious given us, and yet it is a privilege as well. There are people in this nation who don’t have the means to make it to the polls, don’t have identification to vote, who can’t pay for the postage to send their absentee ballots. There are so many people who feel that they don’t have the means to vote, but are the one most effected by the policies passed by our government.

There are other nations, who look to this country as a leader, who don’t even have the choice to vote. Who are ruled under dictatorship, places where women still can’t vote. Countries that don’t understand the concept of “protest voting” because they can’t even use what we see as a given right in the first place.

How arrogant are we to throw that away? How privileged are we to think that we are making some sort of statement if we decide to spit on the rights we have been given? Your protest vote is silencing so many in this country, because you decided to “take a stand”.

No one knows if you have protested except the people on your social media, because you have made a point to post about it. Maybe you want people to think you are cool, maybe you want people to think that you are on a different plane of thought. You are not. You are not “fucking the system”, you are not contributing to our democratic process, you are wasting.

I hope that people will vote, it’s a wonderful way to feel a part of something bigger than yourself. This is one of the most historic elections in our history and to be a contributing part of it is amazing and powerful. So, please vote? Vote a vote that contributes? Or else don’t post online about it?