The Cheeto

I’m tired. We’re all tired. It hasn’t even been a full week and we’re exhausted.

As a nigga from Compton once said, we gon be alright. That’s not to tell you to calm down. That’s not to say we’re gonna appease White folk. That is definitely not to say that we’re gonna be belly up and do nothing in the face of injustice.

We gon be alright in this fight and we’re going to come out on top. That’s the only optimism that we can have really.

Truth me told, my fight has me feeling like I need to leave this country. I’m not tied to this land and as a passionate, sensitive person, being surrounded by sociopaths is exhausting and distracting from just other shit I want to do in my life. Don’t you just want the fucking luxury of thinking about other shit than being a Person of Color? Don’t you just want to enjoy shit without the threat of your sexuality or religious preference or your gender seemingly being an invitation to the bull shit the “normal” folk constantly try to push into our lives? Fuck. Just makes me think of Issa Rae’s show Insecure and how she said that Black people just don’t get to be “boring.”Just damn. Fucking damn.

Anyway, the Cheeto is coming. The nation has come full circle in 8 years and has indeed proved that it is what others have wanted to deny about it. We’ll keep up the fight. We’ll keep creating, speaking, writing, and fucking screaming for what’s right.

One day we can just be boring. One day we can do that without fear and anger humming in the back of our minds.

Originally published at Daily blog posts available on my personal Facebook page and my website.

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