Netflix is on F***ing Fire
James McNab

Marco Polo is badly acted and Narcos' Escobar has got to be one of the worst comedian on Netflix of 2015. The man has no range whatsoever, his face is one monolithic block of dullness from the first to the last episode. House of Cards 1 was filled with clichés like how they depicted the web 2.0 journalism. House of Cards 2 is unwatchable. The disconnect between public and critics is not an argument. It’s shallow, it means that you prefer productions that flatter the mediocrity of the masses rather than productions that try new things, that don’t respect the norm, that truly create and invent. This is not the road I see Netflix taking. Their sole intention is to generate content based on real time analysis of their audience’s desires. This is not how great art is produced, never has been, never will be. If you want true creativity, you need true segmentation and, even more so, true independence from ratings. Picasso, Hemingway, Mozart, they didn’t care about Oscars and Emmy’s and ratings. Their sole goal was to transmit their emotions to the people reading and listening to their work. This is the kind of independence we need if we want to create productions that will stand the test of time. Unless it isn’t the goal here. Unless all we want is masses of amorphous sofa fossils binge-consuming content so they don’t elevate themselves and avoid the reality which they should be working towards improving, in politics, environment, social issues, etc. True art connects you to the creator’s emotions but also connects you to humanity. What Netflix and mainstream TV do is connecting flows of cash to their bank accounts.