[Confort Zone or How to die doing the less as possible]

I can’t find a comfort zone and just see how I’m missing those things challenging my curiosity, those million of different places, objects, minds, sensations, contexts, desires, difficulties, imaginary things and everything crossing my mind every second.

I don’t know how people try to consolidate that “zone” where they can’t lose or win anything, I can’t be quiet, I’m this way, I can’t simplify my dreams or make them less ambitious, I can’t see things how majorities do, I don’t like to see how things change while I’m doing the same and the same, that’s why I’m not good at building long term definitions, because things change and I don’t know how to be quiet and satisfied.

Many people from many past contexts told me that “we” need to go to school, make a career, find a job, build a home in order to find a stable and peaceful life, so, I think I will disappoint them because I’m unstable and already peaceful.

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