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I’ll be the first to admit that I was very naive. Fresh out of uni I was ready to take on the big world of video production. I was a producer in training, helping clients get what they wanted and needed out of their videos, and I thought I’d finally made it. I’d hit the big time and I would be one of those lucky few who would get to be creative everyday.

But, as you can probably tell I was (and always have been) a writer. I wrote countless scripts and concepts for our clients, and while I loved…

Words to include: hemisphere, detective, eavesdrop

She’d done it. She’d actually done it! She had to be the best detective in the southern hemisphere, after all she’d solved her first crime in a matter of minutes! And Sherlock Holmes already had the northern hemisphere claimed so, the south it was.

Akeela, our young heroine, had been awoken by a strange sound outside, a bin lid rattling. She got up to see what it was and while outside noticed the sound of walking on grass as a shadow hurried across the house. They’d been robbed! She was sure of it. …

Words to include: exemption, rung, mail

“Surely there must be an exemption?”

“Why? Because you played ping pong for your state back on Earth? I’ve told you already, no ping pong on the spaceship!”

“It’s table tennis, not ping pong.”

“Excuse me?”


And with that, Suki left the commander’s office in a huff.

Suki was a young cadette on the spaceship Icarus (named ironically, since it flew close to the sun and was totally fine), the first in the fleet of new military ships designed to scout the known galaxy, and possibly beyond, for signs of life or a…

Words to include: deliver, gate, reject

“Arm the battlements! Close the gate!”

“Wait, what? Sir, please I need to deliver this letter, it’s urgent!”

“Your problem, not ours.”

“But it’s a direct message to the king, from her royal highness the Duchess of Cornwall! You know, his daughter?”

“Oh well, in that case…” the two guards finally looked him in the eye and laughed raucously in his face. Today was not a good day for Roger, although lately there hardly ever was a good day. …

Words to include: clique, lounge, approve

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The way she walked it was like she’d narrowly survived death. Quite common you might think for a resident of an aged care facility, but everyone stared at her and kept their distance like she had the plague. They didn’t want to catch her despair, not when they’d already had enough for a lifetime, or at least that’s what they’d been hoping was the case. She barely talked to anyone, not even the nursing staff. Some thought there was something wrong with her, you know ‘in the head’. Others thought she was just a…

Words to include: transmission, commence, production.

He was flabbergasted. Never before had this happened, aliens had taken over Drew’s podcast in the middle of production. All those years of watching Star Trek and learning Klingon had finally paid off, even though the aliens had made the effort to learn English so they could communicate with him, which he appreciated.

Ever since he was little he had known there was something out there, something beyond us. He’d always longed for aliens to find him and bring him to a new, fantastical world. Anything would be better than living in this poor…

Words to include: primary, north, baby

“It’s a baby? This,” Garp said, pointing at the chubby, fleshy cheeks before him, “is a human baby?” Unfortunately his questions fell on deaf ears as Gorp, shrugging his tentacles very high, looked as confused as he did. “What is it even used for?” Gorp replied. That was a very good question indeed. Garp had never really thought about it. He thought that when he reached his goal of heading north to the spire he’d find the answer to the prophecy he’d been searching for. When he saw the child there he thought something…

Words to include: Exemption, Tile, Conflict

“Surely there must be an exemption?” Said Petunia. The salesman she had been berating for the last hour or so shook his head, exhausted.

Petunia was an old woman, with a long ski-jump like nose and a messy grey-streaked brown bun. She had a tendency to get into conflicting situations, mainly because she felt her clearly evident privilege was being besmirched. Her favourite places to abuse this privilege were the movie theatre (“What do you mean my ticket isn’t free?”), the bakery and coffee shop (“Surely I deserve an extra loyalty card stamp?”) and…

Words to include: orgy, specimen, food.

“Just have an orgy already!”

The whole cinema went dead silent and shifted their attention from the screen to the random person who seemed to quite clearly be in the wrong film, or have very strange expectations for a rom-com.

Sarah, who was sitting right next to the strange man was so shocked she threw almost all of her food into the air, most of it landing on the people next to her. She started to go bright red as though she had done it, all of the people staring seemed to be staring…

Words to include: Move, Mirror, Lock

I can’t move, and yet, I am moving. The girl on the other side of the mirror stares at me, making me move to her whims. She twitches her eye and I feel an involuntary twinge. The muscle moving without me telling it to. I feel locked in, trapped in this girl’s body. She stares back at me, daring me to make a move, but we just sit, caught in a stalemate. She is me, I recognise her, and yet she can’t be me. She smiles so wryly, so cheekily. …

Alaine Thompson

UX Designer, storyteller, dog lover and tea crane maker with a love for film and TV. View my work (and my dogs) at

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