7 ways the Fourth Industrial Revolution can help the planet
World Economic Forum

We are definitely in an industrial revolution. Communications (IOT) is definitely part of that. I’m a bit more sanguine about self-driving vehicles. Firstly, it hasn’t happened yet and it’s unclear how broad and quick it’s dispersion into the economy will be. I think the revolution in transport is more about the transition away from oil to electric. This is happening now and in developed and developing nations alike. VR and gene technologies I see as fringe technologies available to elite segments of society, rather than broad based transitions in the structure of the economy.

Finally, I don’t think you can have a discussion industrial revolution without a discussion of energy. Clearly, the transition to renewables is underway and leading to structural changes in the economy as well as the energy system. It is broad-based and increasingly being deployed in developing regions due to cost benefits.

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