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I was browsing through Instagram this morning,🌄 and I followed a bunch of really cool Instagram bloggers. I love how most of them focus on a specific niche, including my favourite — food!🍲😋
This lets them create quality content because they’re focused on what they’re most passionate about.

Apps are my forte, so as the VP of Growth, I did a bit of thinking. 🤔 Then it dawned on me — why not make a list of essential apps that will help a blogger make the best of Instagram? 😁

Online tools can really help make or break your marketing efforts! There are so many things to take into consideration now when it comes to what your audience responds most to.🥰 It’s important to create content that will make a viewer think ‘I can’t wait to share this with my friends!’ 👯

If you love creating content on Instagram, you will need apps for:

📷 Photo editing and design, so that the content you create is visually appealing,
📹 Video editing, so more people are likely to watch the clip till the very end,
🗓️ Scheduling, so you can post your content on time, and even plan ahead,
📊 Analytics and data, so you know how your content is actually performing, and
👥 Audience engagement, so you can communicate and build a rapport with your followers.

So here it is,

My list of the Top 10 Apps to Use…if you’re an Instagram Blogger.


Pricing: Free, with a paid plan starting at $19.99
Perfect for: Photo Editing

VSCO is an app that provides high-quality, professional, free filters. It has a lot of editing tools including sharpen, skin tone correction and brightness. You can also follow other people on VSCO for inspiration, and share and post your photos on the app.

2. Animoto

Pricing: $16 — $64/mo 
Perfect for: Short Social Videos

You can turn your photos and video clips into video slideshows using Animoto. It also provides a range of storyboard to choose from, to speed up your process. Each storyboard is pre-made with a structure, style and song. You can use these as a template to create your own. It also is one of the few video tools that allow you to easily create square videos.

For something different, try —

* Alakazam

Pricing: $5 — $20/mo 
Perfect for: Scheduling, Analytics, Audience Engagement

Alakazam is an automated marketing assistant, designed to help you speed up the growth of your social media accounts. The app is built to help you understand your audience with analytics, be inspired. You can get captions and hashtags with the in-built generators. Stay up-to-date with updates on upcoming special days and repost photos you are tagged in.

3. Canva

Pricing: Free, with a premium plan starting at $12.95 
Perfect for: Social Graphics, Templates

Canva allows you to create social graphics from scratch. You can choose the type of image you want to design. Whether its a cover for an ebook, a social media header or marketing materials, Canva has you covered.


Pricing: Free
Perfect for: Black & White Film Effects

Apply filters that make your photos resemble B&W analog films, for a perfectly curated feed. You can either choose a film effect with one swipe, or use the pro tools to customize the effect to your liking.

5. Boomerang

Pricing: Free 
Perfect for: GIF-like Videos

Create your own GIF-like videos using a burst of photos which move forwards and backwards. These are great for stories or posts that you want to make a little more interesting.

6. Promo by Slidely

Pricing: $39 — $249/mo 
Perfect for: Video Content Creation

Promo gives you access to millions of premium video clips and hand-picked music. You can make compelling video ads for every online channel with professional level footage and licensed music. It also offers ready-made collections for special days, sales and industries and an easy to use editor.


Pricing: Free, with paid plans starting at $6.99/mo 
Perfect for: Grid Planning

UNUM helps you curate the perfect, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. The app lets you plan visually, where you drag and drop your photos so you know in which order to upload them. You can also conveniently search for inspiration on the app itself and export these photos onto other platforms.

8. StoryPro

Pricing: Free 
Perfect for: Creating Stories

With StoryPro, you can customize your stories and make them more exciting. Use the built-in choice of templates, text and gifs and upload your stories on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. It also has a square format, which is perfect for your Instagram posts.

I couldn’t leave this out, so try —

* VivaVideo

Pricing: Free, with a paid plan starting at $2.99
Perfect for: Video Editing

Create professional-looking videos story with just a few taps. You can choose from hundreds of stickers, filters and animated clips to transform your videos into works of art.

9. Prequel

Pricing: Free, with a paid plan starting at $2.99 
Perfect for: Effects and Filters

Choose from the trendiest visual effects, photo filters, live video filters and more. The in-built selfie camera comes with a collection of beauty tools to enhance your features. You can also add music or sound effects to the videos you edit.

10. Unfold

Pricing: Free 
Perfect for: Creating Stories

Browse through the collections of templates to find one that suits your style, then use the fonts and text tools to set the mood of the story. You can customize both photos and videos on this app, to make them perfect for your aesthetic.

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