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Feb 28, 2019 · 4 min read
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Hey guys, 👋

With trends continuously changing and tastemakers affecting purchasing decisions, social media influencers have been making an incredible impact on how brands advertise and engage with audiences. 🤳

You’ve seen influencer marketing becoming mainstream, but the predominant idea that the bigger the influencer, the better your results, isn’t necessarily correct. 🤯

So, I wanted to take a look at a different type of social media influencer — the nano-influencer.

First of all, who is a nano-influencer?

Unlike regular or mega-influencers, nano-influencers have a much smaller following, usually around 5,000.
Compared to larger influencers, a nano-influencer will usually have a more niched-down following that’s interested in something specific, such as fashion, hockey or art.

This level of potency weakens when the influencer has millions of followers for other purposes, such as comedy or offline fame, as the audience will be made up of social media users with far broader interests.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive for marketers to approach an individual with a small following, nano-influencers can be important assets that help boost your brand’s social engagement strategy.

Why you should consider working with Nano-Influencers

Consumers are becoming smarter and can identify paid promotional content, which is often found in a well-established influencer’s feed.
Nano-influencer’s feeds aren’t packed with paid promotions, so they provide a level of authenticity that you might not get with seasoned influencers. A brand or product recommendation from a friend will convert better than an ad, and nano-influencers provide that level of friendly intimacy.

As nano-influencers have previously never worked with brands before, they will likely demonstrate high-levels of commitment to ensure your brand’s product is well-represented.

They don’t charge excessively high fees for sharing a promoted post in comparison to mainstream influencers. Given the lower price point, brands could theoretically tap into a higher quantity of nano-influencers, each of whom can create and share their own content about the brand.

It appears the next generation tends to lean towards the opinion of online peers instead of “traditional” authority figures. In a Generation Z research, it was found social media outranked both news outlets and actual people they knew, like friends and family, when it comes to finding information and news they trust.

Nano-influencers aren’t just cheaper, they’re better value for the money in the long-term, too. Along with the fact that millennials in particular trust their peers more than any other audience, working with 100 nano-influencers with a combined 1,000,000 audience reach can be far more effective, not to mention cheaper, than working with one influencer with the same audience figures.

Drawbacks to working with Nano-Influencers

Despite the advantages of utilizing nano-influencers, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind.

In addition to the limited reach, the nano-influencer’s lack of experience working with brands could cause more work for marketers.
Larger influencers understand the process of working with brands, from contract negotiations to brand content review. Nano-influencers may require some education in these areas.

It is imperative for nano-influencers to have a thorough understanding of your brands. When brand messages are too fragmented and loosely interpreted and broadcast in too diverse a manner, then the brand runs the risk of weaker message penetration and weaker overall campaign impact.


Whether it’s a conscious or subconscious decision, the truth is that social media users are beginning to crave authenticity. That’s why there’s been a rise in mass unfollowings, where users tend to ‘cleanse’ their social feeds of popular people they were following for the sake of it.

Thanks to this detox mindset, combined with features like Instagram’s new layout, there will be less emphasis on follower counts than we’ve seen for a long time.

And with this preference for authentic, interesting accounts comes the Nano Influencers’ true power. It’s time to prioritise working with influencers that have a small group of highly engaged followers and forget about those big influencers with masses of inactive ‘ghosts’.

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