Five Country Artists You Should Get to Know

  1. Adam Hood— Hood is a country artist from Alabama who has gained a strong following in the state of Texas. Hood’s voice has a jazzy rasp similar to Gavin Degraw, which when coupled with his soulful lyrics, provide for an incredible sound. Two of my favorites are “Hell of a Fight” and “Tennessee Will.” You can follow him on twitter @adamhoodmusic.

2. Jon Wolfe — CMT’s description is so good, I’ll just quote them here-

“The best introduction to Jon Wolfe is the basic yet not so simple fact that he’s a country singer and songwriter. Country music, as it was, is and always should be, with boots firmly standing on the bedrock of tradition and an eye focused on taking it into the future. And that, as any fan of true country knows, is no simple proposition.”

Wolfe reminds me, and many others, of George Straight. It sounds absurd to say out loud, but when you listen to his music, you’ll jump on the bandwagon. Wolfe’s music is genuine country. The rhythm of his voice combined with guitar is reminiscent of Blake Shelton. This is most apparent in his song “I can’t take my eyes off you.” You can follow him on twitter @jonwolfe.

3. Brothers Osborne — Recently profiled by Rolling Stone, Brothers Osborne is like a unique country jam band. Currently on tour with Eric Church, Brothers Osborne hit song “Rum” makes you want to get out in the sunshine and have a good time. This would be an incredible band to see live. You can follow them on twitter @brothersosborne.

4. Drake White — Another artist from the state of Alabama, Drake White has an old school toughness in his voice. His voice in his song “The Simple Life” reminds me of Travis Tritt in terms of the strong chorus and flowing lyrics. You can follow him on twitter @drakewhite.

5. . Frank Foster — Foster’s voice has a raw quality to it, almost as if you can feel the State of Louisiana in his voice. The way Foster presents his songs through lyric reminds me a lot of Josh Thompson. His song “Southern Man” will make you want to line dance well into the night. You can follow him on twitter @thefrankfoster.
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