The Art Journal Project

After a huge catastrophic melted down my foundation, finally I can stand up on my own. Lot of things happened. I am so blessed with so much supports and backups. Gretchen’s The Happiness Project surprisingly did a well job to made me think about happiness project. One of them is make a journal. I love to write but somehow it got so much pressure and suddenly I just bored. So, decided to doing something that I really know and love most, I present to you my art journal. Without too much words I can spill out all my feelings towards artworks and it feels amazing! I am enjoying this kind of journal so much.

Lot of things that I put into this journal, however it was really good though to share. Yes, this is my portfolio theme for December. The Art Journal Project, enjoy! You can also share your journal with #theartjournalproject and tell me your story!



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