A heart-beat and a tear-drop!

Father look what have we found, it’s silence of life to the cries of heart., blindness of people to the tears of mankind. Father I am scared to live in a world so brutal, heartless and barren, let me sleep in mother earth’s cradle.

Am I alive?

A strange sting aching in heart, even stranger are the tears that drop; the reason seems to be a tiny fragment of humanity, still dwelling somewhere deep inside. Yes, it seems I really am alive!

The first time I saw the sleeping man above, I admit it, I wasn't surprised rather excited knowing how fabulous a photo it will turn out, showering likes and comments on the post that will mark this observations’ end.

After a year and half, something brought me back to this pictures. A question hit me like a thunderbolt; is he the one unfortunate, this homeless who sleeps on grass? or the hundred humans who observe him daily as they pass, but are too coward to help? Or those million dead hearts who no longer are alive for they pass-by unaffected, like everything seems to be just perfect? And now the question was am I alive?

What’s outside my window?

I felt winds, generated by cries of Syria, gush through forests watered by tears of Rohingya, into the lands softened by ashes of Hiroshima and across the dunes of limbs gathered during the holocaust, echoing again and again where do humans exists, where?

I simply don’t have the courage to keep writing, so much bloodshed so much tyranny it takes heartlessness to explain it in just an article or symphony. So let’s turn to what is now outside our windows?

It’s Hope! the history and present is stained with stories and epics of blood, but also by tales of noble men and women. The warriors of light have always been and their legacy shall always be, it’s time to make the choice and make this world a slight better place to pass by.

The mini steps to mega impacts?

Join a local humanitarian organization around you, that works to promote global and local peace or solves community issues.

Rethink on the cash, try to spend 1 out of 100 bucks you spend on yourself, on fighting poverty, world hunger, child abuse or any other cause you feel worthy.

Write a post how sad/angry/surprised you are after looking at the problems on earth. Wake up those in deep sleep and together make a change.

Share a compliment, make someone happy, for even one more smile on this earth can help it lighten up a bit!