A few words to live by!

Al-amin Ahmed
Sep 21, 2017 · 2 min read


My name is Al-Amin Ahmed. I am a 20 year old Nigerian here to share a few words of wisdom. These are just some things I wrote a while ago.

Be yourself

Find what you want to become and aim, relentlessly, towards that. Don’t let another person or a group of people make you lose focus of your goals. Your successes and failures can be attributed to only you and no one else.

Don’t be selfish

Only time this is acceptable is if being selfish is the best way to go to promote the greater good. Seek to find your own happiness but lend a helping hand when it is needed.

Put God first — Ironic how this isn’t the first on the list 🙃.

When you remember him, he remembers you more. He is your reason for being and whom you owe your life and everything you have achieved to.

If you don’t believe there is a G-O-D, the best I can give you is to remember whatever it is that you believe your reason for being alive is and devote yourself wholeheartedly to it. It may be a job, a superstition or a higher calling. Whatever it may be, keep strong and keep steadfast.

Be independent

For the most part, at least.

I am not advising not to ask for help when you need it. All I’m saying is that you make sure your options have been exhausted and the only resort is to ask for someone else’s aid. The exception to this rule is when you find yourself working in a team. In this case, you are expected to ask for help, collaborate with other people at the advantage of everyone else.

Be your own source of joy

Mind my language but most of the time, “People ain’t sh*t”. The more you depend on other people emotionally, psychologically or even financially, the more you tend to lose sight of your true priorities and principles in life.

Define Yourself

Be prepared.

Be organized.

Be principled.

Establish your priorities and never stray away from achieving your goals in life.

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