let’s join … Globalization is a method to connect multiple countries. This creates an infinite village, here each country is under the same roof. Together with an Associate in Nursing open market wherever a person will be a part of and can sell their own products or services by setting a different fair value. The meal service is one of lasting lasting market phases.

There is now a daytime restaurant area serving many dishes or dishes for its customers. Usually the area of ​​the unit is very peckish or the unit area is not at all in the intake condition. In some places to eat, the menu area unit is created or written with a very beautiful picture. However once the dish area unit is served then it looks very surprising type of image. Not just the style of this food unit is completely different from the first seen. That is the reason for reducing food demand in some restaurants. In the survey it was found that there are five units of five battering units of total eater in the international market.

Now I’m back to that goal, “How does EMU make it easy for users?”

As I know, EMU is the best package available in the market recently that helps their users to choose and order their list of EMU food needs. Build a package that covers the entire restaurant group on its information base. EMU helps users to check the food they serve in front of you, in addition it helps the seller or chef to update their menu that they can serve. Like every place to eat has its own chart menu or pamphlet that shows the name of the food, decent and also the size or quantity for the community. Usually most displays some decorative images on their menu graphs. However, the menu area of ​​the menu is written too long or most of the time they do not serve the things that customers need to eat.

Restaurant Owner:

The unit lacking this area is currently solved by an EMU application. the beginning of everything I want to information as a vendor or as an Associate in Nursing owner of a place to eat. it will make it easier for American countries to attach with the world. I will show my menu to the world. it will increase the number of potential customers in my eating place. Not only are regional units of the World Health Organization afraid of returning to places I remember, my eating places are very expensive and also the value of the food area unit is so high that it makes them wrong. it will show them that we have a tendency not to serve very expensive food. some potential customers have some hidden needs that are now resumed with the help of EMU. In this case, food is usually not accessible on the market or the source of the shortage becomes a barrier to preparing delicious dishes. Sometimes it becomes easier to handle clients. This will make it easier for the United States to update our menu on a regular basis. it will also make it easier to show some dishes and reduce some of the dishes on the list that clients have high or low demand in the dining room. When it is a very pleasant system wherever I will update the price list in the off season. (we can | we will unit area we can) also reduce the value of merchandise on the market. we can increase the value we want. In addition, this is an exciting opportunity for the United States to show our world of special offers that we have a tendency to provide territory units to buyers in special events. So I want to tell the owner of the eating place that this EMU app will definitely help you get the current addition of the previous scenario.

General Users:

Users are the main beneficiaries of EMU applications. Currently the user area unit a day is the leading patient for each source. I feel we will get many privileges from this app. For Associate in Nursing example, assume I slept in Espana and my native language is Spanish. I just visited China as a business destination. I have to stay there every week and I have to move to many places in China. Like this guy as someone I want to eat one thing in the Associate in Nursing every part of every day. which means I want to eat more than 5 times each day and certainly I do not attend to the same place many times a day. Now what do I do if I do not know chinese language. no problem should I have to speak to them and that I should be forced to order the right dish on my behalf. Right now I’m looking for the lure because I do not recognize the plate and do not recognize it. You may find it necessary to understand that at the appointed time, I am usually served to eat cooked rats (in excellent food).

Now I am here to let you know that somehow EMU can facilitate American countries to find my food needs in any place in the world. EMU has several languages ​​that can translate most of the languages ​​practiced in this world. Can also in the dining area where the unit area connected with the EMU. It will also make it easier for the United States to show the restaurant or cafe that ‘s closing my location. Thus EMU users will only pay attention to {a place | unita area} connected with this app. In addition I will read out the help from this app ‘. Not solely I will choose the dishes I want to order but I want from the EMU token or from my E wallet. E-wallet is one of the EMUs between options that mix credit cards and crypto currency in certain accounts. so I paid them at one of them preferring to receive. One factor I forgot to say if the dining room unit is connected with the EMU then we can pay it with EMU TOKEN. it will make it easier for American countries to re-take additional cards with the United States.

Chef and Consumer:

I feel this could be a new option that ever existed in any application before EMU. During this option, the shopper will instantly communicate with the cook and the chef is also entitled to enter only accept or reject any order. You already know that shoppers will order food in the seating unit on the meal menu. Functionally, the customer will customize the order he or she wants. For Associate in Nursing Example : a kind of client who wants to order dishes from the menu on the menu has no choice, World Health Organization Many spices can be added on the plate. So, this is the EMU, during this application the client will receive correct instructions for the cook. the shopper will embrace the content that the cook should put on the plate and then he can even get the best quality or amount of spice he wants to place on the plate. As he would say, additional spices should be added and the mushrooms should not stick in the dish. Then the cook could see his order and he could even climb onto a protective shell that had enough spices to put on the plate. To complete the shopper’s order should leave comments like “I want more inexperienced food in my pizza”. If you know the client’s cook request will fulfill the order or will refuse the order when it is bound. There is also a need for shoppers. I feel this option is a revolutionary option that is included in the EMU application.

Servers and Customers:

There are many units of new unit units taken by EMU. I am currently present to explain other new operating units added in the EMU application. Often every restaurant waiter is in the market for a table or several tables. During this app, the shopper will take the waiter’s decision by pressing a button. To do that there must be an EMU application inserted into the helper phone. For Associate in Nursing example : during certain eating places all member unit areas are connected through an EMU application. Then if the shopper realizes that he can even connect or communicate with the feeding members to be able to shop back to the destination of the EMU then the mobile phone or its application can mechanically transfer the licensed information that the owner of the venue is. opened For shoppers At that time the shopper will show the info base and may raise certain waiters to serve him. If the waiter’s area unit is already interacting with a different client then he will simply refuse the request or may also pass to a different waiter to serve the shopper. it will connect a successful waiter with the shopper and he can even see the exact instructions or preferences the recorder gives the client to the previous waiter.

Finally, I would say that this is a leading innovative concept that is added by the area unit by EMU application developers. And I assume it’s really a matter of free apps for buyers, restaurant owners, chefs and waiters organizations.

This comment is based on an EMU white paper. You may find it in the link provided.

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