This Is How Innovacion Was Celebrated Last Year At IEM

Innovacion , the annual techno-management fest of IEM, Kolkata serves as an arena to exhibit the creativity and latent talent of students in varied dimensions of technology and management.
Innovación caters to a wide variety of disciplines ranging from Robotics, Electronics, Coding and core fundamentals of Science and Mathematics.

This year the fest will be conducted from 14th January, 2016 to 16th January, 2016 with a lot of surprises awaiting at the venue. Undoubtedly this year the extravaganza will be of lot a lot more fun.

Previous year, the fest continued from 16th January till 18th January 2015. For those who missed the fun last year , here’s a flash back.

The Inaugration Ceremony

Inaugration of ISHRAE Student Chapter

“ Hell — In — A — Cell”

“ Innovare “ ( Model Representation )

“ Robofooties “

“ X- Race “

“ Tracker “ ( Line Follower Robot )

“Aperture” ( Photography Event )

“ Eureka “ ( Management Event )

The Coding Events — Algorithmist , Bugsmash

The Gaming Events — FIFA , Counter Strike , NFS

“ Electrocuted “ ( R & D Labs )

Last but not the least ~ All-time busy Registration Counter

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