The perfect hot/cold wallet combination for IOTA.

Quick note before reading: I am the core (and currently sole) contributor to Frost, an open source wallet for IOTA. The wallet operates independently from the Trinity wallet.

Keeping your cryptocurrency safe has always been a pain. Do you store your coins on an exchange and risk the site getting hacked? What about storing your coins locally and losing the convenience of being able to use them?

Frost + Trinity = ❤

With the release of the Trinity wallet and the most recent update to Frost, it looks like the IOTA ecosystem has a great pair of tools to keep your coins secure and decentralized without sacrificing convenience.

  • Frost, a COLD wallet, is available in your favorite web browser: (you must disconnect from the Internet before creating a wallet).
  • Trinity, a HOT wallet, works great as an app installed on your phone. Install resources are available here:

Start with Frost to store your IOTA.

Whether you’re storing an investment, or just want a temporary place to save your IOTA, consider Frost (especially if you don’t have immediate plans for the tokens). Once you create, and unlock your Frost wallet, you’ll be given a unique address to store your IOTA. Your IOTA seed is also available, which gives you the ability to import into the wallet of your choice.

An Unlocked Frost Wallet (

Import to Trinity to use your IOTA.

When you’re ready to use your IOTA you can import your Frost wallet in less than a minute. To import your Frost seed in Trinity follow these easy steps.

  1. Tap the “Settings” Icon, in the app menu, at the bottom.
  2. Select “Account management”. Then “+ Add new account”.
  3. Tap “Use existing seed”. (This will launch the QR scanner).
Importing your Frost wallet in Trinity.
Take Caution: Due to the design of IOTA all addresses are single use only. As a result it’s a good idea to create a new Frost wallet after each import.

The Frost Wallet source code is 100% open source and licensed under the MIT license. You can learn more about the project by visiting the links below:

Are you a developer? Pull requests are more than welcome!