5 types of Real Estate Investment you should know

investment in real estate is considered a guarantee for the safeguarding of capital. It is directly related to solidity, tangibility, durability and profitability.

Saving, many times, is equivalent to investing in real estate , and not only protect the value when we do it, there is a very important point that this type of investment gives us: profits.

There are different types of real estate investment, and each of them has its own characteristics. That is why every investor must study each case in particular before making the transaction.


Real estate investment in offices, in the case of ventures of a commercial and non-residential nature, in most cases, allows the use of VAT included in the prices. This circumstance determines that the cost of acquisition for the investor in offices is substantially lower than the one that must be borne by the person who invests in residential real estate.

Also investing in an office is a good option because it has a great profitability. On the other hand, the supply of offices is less than that of properties, so it is undoubtedly a great option.

Residential lots

The price of a residential lot has a lower cost than another type of real estate investment in the area. The good thing is that you can buy lots with great footage for little money.

In addition, it can be used for different purposes depending on the area and the conditions of purchase: parking, construction of a property or only sale in a longer time, so it will be valued more.

Invest in Houses or Apartments

They are the most common type of real estate investment, with the lowest risk and the most offered in the market. This has a greater facility at the time of leasing, especially nowadays because people prefer to rent than buy a property.

Another advantage is the greater accessibility to buy this type of property, because financial institutions value this type of investment.


One of the great advantages of this type of real estate investment is that it is increasingly scarce to find available parking, especially in communes that are in high demand and concentrate a lot of people.

For this reason, own parking for rent will be very profitable, especially with the passage of time. On the other hand, buying a car park is not that expensive and you do not have to have any kind of maintenance.

Commercial Premises

If you are looking to build a real estate estate to be able to inherit some real estate from your loved ones, it may be convenient for you to invest in commercial premises.

In general, they are the goods with the highest profitability in the field. In addition, the maintenance is scarce and have a great value over time, like homes.

To Sum it up

Investing in a real estate is a great idea, especially thinking about the future. If you are thinking about improving your retirement or generating new income, real estate investments will ensure your life and that of your family. Above all, seeing the good numbers they present today.