The cup that created a buzz

I always work on a customer’s site often away from home with a team of Kainos people around me. Our projects can last a number of months, some even going for a year or two. Over this time you can work with a variety of people from different groups within the company and different offices with varying cultures. I have only been to the Kainos HQ a handful of times and keep hearing people talking about the “Kainos Culture” and bringing that to the project sites. This is not the start of some sort of hidden recruitment post, I am wanting to set the scene of someone working away from the beating heart of a company.

This week something different happened, we got cups! 
As you can see these are awesomely branded cups and they also turned up with pens. The noise and excitement in the office I don’t think anyone was expecting, we even had clients wanting to grab one.

It got more people talking, loads of smiles on faces all from just a simple mug. We had plain mugs in the office before so it was not like the device was new, it was the branding and the “new shininess” that got everyone excited.

Then it started the ball rolling and someone asked “Can we have some more branding”, someone mentioned t-shirts, someone else said coasters. It came down to a sense of belonging, of remembering that even though you are away from the mothership that you are still part of something else (“We are many”).

Laptop stickers is another way I have seen this same buzz of shared purpose created. These stickers can represent tour medals for projects you were apart of, shared pain and achievement, conferences attended and training courses with accreditation attained.

This is only a short post, and for many may seem a waste of time but remembering who you are, and the support available to you can really help you deliver success. I am lucky due to the friends I have made on my journey between projects over the years and even though we may only see each other at the Christmas Party we use Skype, Slack and other mediums to keep the banter flowing, share advice, and support each other.