The problem with your argument is, since you haven’t taken the course work to become certified, you…
Mark Russell

As of yet, I have not had those courses, though many of colleagues could make the same statement accurately. That said, I still maintain I fulfilled my obligations as an educator, disciplinarian, counselor, and role model. I will also maintain I have not done a disservice to my kids by not taking those courses in the same way I have not done a disservice to my children because I haven’t taken courses in early childhood development. Yes, indeed, such courses will add valuable insight. But, lacking such insight does not equate to incompetence, which is my point. Teaching, along with most other skills I can think of, is not binary. You can have degrees of being a good teacher. Am I the best teacher I can be yet? I would hope not, as I am a novice at this. Does that mean I should resign my position for fear of hurting the children I am trying to help? That seems a bit heavy handed.

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