Lucky Me

At 73 years old, I look back at parts of my life and rue many of them. But sometimes (hopefully more often now as the future gets shorter) i take the time to look at how lucky I have been! And it’s not about money cause I don’t have much.

After all, I am reasonably healthy (without good health one’s life is consumed with the travails of one’s debilitation) and I have a wonderful and loving family and great friends.

I always thought that most people had family as a linchpin to grab onto when the going got rough but have learned that “it ain’t necessarily so”. And as for friends…many people use that term loosely but I believe that the definition necessarily includes having people who really root for you (in bad times as well as good times).

I guess that part of my luck is what I have brought to the table…always seeing my family and friends in the best of lights…always knowing that they had me to talk with about anything (and making sure that they always understood that). But most of all always sharing my love with them — for I do, unequivocally love each of them. In doing so I have always tried to be real…telling them how I see things, rooting for them, and giving my feedback to their questions in the way that I would want them to give it to me.

So I am writing this post to, once again, tell them how lucky I am to have them in my life. I hope that my son Brian won’t mind that I have co-oped his posting address.

And I wish to all of you who take the time to read this post that you too can look at your life and recognize all of the folks that you have loved and who have loved you.

There is NOTHING better….