My Brother WAS voting for trump

My brother is an intelligent attorney whose client base is made up predominantly of poor and uneducated people. This came about after he moved to another state leaving a successful practice behind in order to keep his family together. As he had no contacts going in he gravitated to this client base (nobility had part in this choice).

Over the years he has come to see the world in a jaded fashion … his clients lie to him, don’t show up to court on time, and many do not pay their legal bills even though he undercharges them all.

This description makes him sound (well not saintly) like a person that most would admire. He still puts in long hours at the age of 70.

So how did he become a Trumpist? Over time he developed a built-in anger fueled by the people that he served — seeing that he was doing the right thing while many were scamming the system. We constantly debated the merits of the American system as his anger grew.

Comes to this election and he tried his hardest to convince me that Trump was the agent of change…that even with his pomposity he was the outsider who could correct the flaws in the system.

But, as the phrase goes…Absolute Powwerr Corrupts Absolutely! And while we have checks and balances it is obviously clear that many elected officials have become self serving unlike our forefathers. And Trump who has made it clear that he has no moral compass is not one to correct any ills in government. All he has shown is his ability to augment divisiveness among our people as if there wasn’t enough of that already.

I am now happy to say that the Donald, having repeatedly shown who he really is, has lost my brother’s vote!

Welcome back to who I know you are, my brother!