My Daughter

Today my daughter and her significant other returned from a trip to Vietnam. Certainly I will never go there as there are several other places that I would like to see before that.

While she was away I received texts and saw her Facebook photos (didn’t have either of those when I was her age) but I missed speaking with her.

I speak with her almost every day ever since she moved to Asheville NC. While it pales in comparison to being with her and hugging her, just the opportunity to be able to share her life is special. We laugh and share lots of personal stuff.

I remember when her mom and I split — she was nine, her brother twelve. It seemed that her brother handled the split better than she did although I’ll never know for sure.

I made it my business to live nearby so that when they stayed with me (every weekend) they could see their friends if they so chose. After all, it wasn’t their doing that caused the split.

It was rough going for all of us — my daughter displayed anger toward me on most weekends and I confess that sometimes I reacted in kind. It was frustrating but through it all I tried to be a good father.

It was ten years later that she told me how she finally understood how much I was there for her and loved her.

I don’t think we have ever fought again.

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