You call this an election?

I started paying more attention to this presidential election once we were down to the “final two” candidates (I can’t consider the Libertarians or the Green Party as they have no real following).

Like many of you I was hoping for a reasonably intelligent series of debates but look what we got!

On the one hand we have Trump who has denigrated the office of the President with his made up stuff and his divisiveness. But even worse is that now I hear people mimicking his style — they make up stuff too. It seems that truth has no place in a Trump presentation. And when he can’t get out of being caught his response becomes look at what Clinton did! I guess if he wins we all better hone up on our lying and deflecting skills!

On the other hand we have Clinton who has enough skeletons in her closet that she can’t or won’t own up to which allows the other side to gain traction when they make up additional skeletons. She has trouble being believed.

On top of that we have the Republican Party which doesn’t have the balls to stand up for our country — they can still support Trump even though he has made a mockery of himself and the office he seeks.

His latest nonsense is that he claims he will be the greatest president the country has ever seen. Who can believe that?

So I guess the real question is…”Who are you voting against”?

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