This story is a reflection about how I used to follow certain patterns without giving them any thought. It starts with a justification, followed by a step-by-step introduction to what the new approach looks like and ends with a conclusion.

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During my apprenticeship and studies, the Flow Control concept has been hammered into my head by my peers and superiors. I remember them saying things like goto statements are evil, use guard clauses, don’t use exceptions, use md5 + salt to hash your password, you name it. The answer to my questions concerning the previously mentioned statements was always because…

The story begins with a deprecated component that needs to be replaced. I notice that the new component is very limited in the way I can use it and decide to change it. In order to solve a problem I make a powerful new discovery.

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The task

The component is part of an edit dialog written using the Angular Framework and a FormGroup. The following figure illustrates what the components look like.

If you are a developer you will have stumbled across the following way of handling exceptions in controllers.

The problem with this code is not difficult to spot. Any exception that occurs results in a 404 Not Found response. But that is not always the case, what if you want to distinguish different kinds of exceptions? A simple way of improving this code is to create an EmployeeNotFoundException and add it to the try-catch chain. Let’s also add an ArgumentException that produces a 404 Bad Request response.

You might think this doesn’t really look nice. I agree with…

I often wondered what goes on behind the Azure Cloud API. I had this conversation with other developers but no one seemed to know an answer. So I investigated in the world wide web. This is what I found out.


To understand the whole concept there are a couple of things we need to understand first. Here is a list of topics I want to cover in this post.

- Azure Portal
- Orchestrator
- Network Switch
- Fabric Controller
- Virtual Machine

As that knowledge is needed to fully understand the following overview of how Azure works.

Azure Portal


Back in the day I used to have one single password for all my user accounts. I am not ashamed of that, because I know I am not alone. Many users have only one password. My ultra secure password was dolphins. Okay that is a lie but read the following pull request and you might find it as funny as I do.

Pull Request
Remove my password from lists so hackers won’t be able to hack me

Anyway, in my apprenticeship as a Software Engineer I learnt that a password needs to be long and contain special characters and…

During this course I learnt five valuable lessons. I will reflect on what went wrong in previous projects. Here is a list of things I can improve.

  • A definition of ready
  • A definition of done
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Backlog refinement
  • Sprint planning
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I want to start by saying I am not a purist. I think of the scrum guide as a cooking book. There are a lot of delicious recipes in it. But some people are allergic to nuts. So I leave them out. Yes, the food is going to taste differently. But it is still going to fill everyone’s belly…

Hey folks, if you want to know how to store secrets — e.g. storing connection string of your database — in an azure key vault, then this story is for you.


Preconditions, you have a Key Vault up and running on Azure. And you created a secret.

First, let’s start by saying why I wrote this story.

Just last weekend — know that this is a relative reference so be sure to check the date this post was published — a very good friend of mine and I wanted to write an excel that would help my girlfriend calculate the retention volume in the Prealps. We had a filled out piece of paper, which we quickly reverse engineered to figure out what formulas were used. But we quickly hit an impediment. …

You are here because you are already using a dependency injection container, but you want to know how to build it. Well, I asked myself the same question and spent some time looking at how these containers work. I will show you what I learned with a very simple implementation in C#. Enjoy!


According to this article a dependency injection container (a. k. a. IoC container)

is a framework for implementing automatic dependency injection. It manages object creation and it’s life-time, and also injects dependencies to the class.

It also lists three methods: Register, Resolve and Dispose. We will have…

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I am a passionate developer with over 10 years of experience. I like learning new technologies and understanding the underlying concepts.

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