Resumes are dead….

As the CTO for a highly innovative tech company I get a lot of resumes sent my way. For the most part, they all look and feel the same. Name and contact info at the top, a brief statement about what the applicant thinks we want to hear, then a list of their experience, and many wonderful things they may (or may not) have been a part of.

Unfortunately this is a process forced upon individuals over the years in trying to “beat the system” and make it through to a person. We’ve been corporatized to think our representation of our “work-selves” has to conform to some idealistic employee that we simply aren’t, nor will we become. Do a google image search for resumes…..and you get hundreds of results of the same dullness.

This isn’t who you are….

This is where the statement “Resumes are dead….” comes in. Instead of a resume, leaders in the new age of digital transformation want to know who you are. Tell us a story, captivate us with your passion about something, give us a cliffhanger that we’re dying to know more. In a VUCA world, we want to know how adaptable you are, how the phrase “that’s not my job” will never cross your mind. Paint us an unfinished picture that the only way we get to see the rest is to want to meet you…….

Show me you’re “learning agile”:

Flexibility — Willingness to try new things;
Speed — Rapidly grasping new ideas;
Experimenting — Testing out new ideas;
Performance Risk Taking— Taking on challenges;
Interpersonal Risk Taking — Asking others for help;
Collaborating — Leveraging the skills of others;
Information Gathering — Increasing your knowledge;
Feedback Seeking — Asking for feedback; and
Reflecting — Taking time to reflect on your effectiveness.

Take a chance the next time you apply for a position……don’t send a resume. Figure out another method to contact the hiring manager, entice them with your story and watch something amazing happen.