In just four years, Andrew Mason turned his Wordpress blog into an empire only to have it slip away

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Andrew Mason, Groupon co-founder and ex-CEO. Wikimedia commons image

Get a music degree.

Realise it’s not exactly in demand.

Teach yourself coding.

Get an internship in designing websites.

Mention a website idea to a coworker.

Get back into school to study politics.

Get a call from your former boss. He likes your website idea.

A week later, get a million dollars to build your website.

Spend months perfecting every detail. Launch it.

Watch it fail to take off.


Pivot in desperation.

See your other idea grow exponentially.

Hire 1,000 people in the next year.

Raise over $1 billion in the next four years.

Pay yourself $200 million. …


Alan Trapulionis

In quest of understanding how humans work. I also ghostwrite for my heroes.

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