How the legendary founder employed minimalism to turn Apple around at its lowest point

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CEO and founder of Apple Computers & Pixar boss, STEVE JOBS, at the world premiere of Disney/Pixar’s Monsters, Inc., at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood. Shutterstock image

Busy is the new cool, right?

Keep your phone on the table so that you can instantly check the super-important messages that come in every 7 minutes. Walk to work so fast you overtake peaceful joggers. Tell your mama you’ll definitely visit next week. Oh, and, God forbid you don’t have 18 certificates on your Linkedin page and five urgent projects to attend to.

We design our homes minimalistically, but we clutter our own lives — both personal and professional — into a FOMO-induced chaotic blend of “I don’t have time right now” and “I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.” …


Alan Trapulionis

In quest of understanding how humans work. I also ghostwrite for my heroes.

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