Up in the Air

What is the “Cloud”? Is it more than just a beautiful place Steve Jobs lives in, in the afterlife? I for one didn’t really have much of an understanding of what the cloud is, in fact — is it considered a proper noun, now?

I did some research to first figure out if the cloud was a proper noun, and if it should be capitalized. After doing some brief searching on Google I came across a website (insert website name here :— http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/112511/how-should-the-cloud-be-capitalized)

And in a very greek, democratic forum like way, a group of strangers came to the conclusion that because the cloud is more than one item; that because there are multiple public and private cloud networks available for access to the public — that the cloud is NOT a proper noun.


My question into what is the correct usage of grammar for the cloud has in fact discovered a debate about what defines the cloud, what it is to the collective and to the individual.


This my dear reader(s) is an important moment to take note; that grammar is in fact important. Look at where it has led me before I even do any general research on the cloud.

So, as we can see from anotherdave, the collective noun of the cloud is “cloud computing”. The Internet is a singular entity, there is only one internet — but there are multiple cloud networks — run by multiple companies.

The cloud is a way to store data via the Internet rather than directly on your computers hard drive. What makes cloud computing so exciting is the ability to store data anywhere, and access that same data anywhere — as long as you have a connection to the Internet. The capabilities are endless, as long as your Internet connection speed is good, otherwise, good luck to you.

Adam Clark Estes from Gizmodo says:

Cloud computing basically refers to a process of sharing resources to optimize performance. Practically speaking, that means using a network of computers to store and process information, rather than a single machine.

There are two types of cloud computing…

Public and Private

or it can be called

Consumer and Business

Consumer cloud computing is often considered services that are readily available to the public like Google Drive, Microsoft Office 360, Office Online, Box, Dropbox, etc.

A more business view of cloud computing is companies who provide private, secure ways for a company to store their information and have access to it, besides those designated to access it. The business aspect is that it comes down to a cost for a provided service.

To sum it all up, cloud computing can offer business, home-owners, and students working on their group projects for EID-100, an easier way to complete tasks. For example, if I open a word document in my Google drive I can allow access to group members to make changes — without any of us ever having to meet! This saves time, money and did I mention time EQUALS money!

Money is a very important thing to students.

Well, back to communicating with friends through my social media. Good evening folks!