The Complete Miss on The Battle For Media Relevance
Rafat Ali

I agree but

You’re right. But I think there’s more. A solid, transparent, and focused ethical position is also needed. A medium’s “equity” grows out of its credibility and belief that the entity is honest, even if it’s biased. That is, once I know GLenn Greenwald’s politics — I’m not picking on him, but he is a name everyone knows — I know what he will write about, but that while he is selective in what he covers, he doesn’t shade the story to go his way. And he’s in no one’s pocket. On the flip side, I would rather know that a ski resort paid for a journalist’s trip when I read the review. Rafat, please comment on my thoughts that solid journalistic chops must be accompanied by solid ethical “chops.” 1 + 1 = 3 in this case.

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