New communicative robot-bartender in development.

Service robotics company RoboLab from Estonia is building a new type of bartending robot to solve the bottlenecks of serving drinks. The machine is faster, cheaper and more reliable than average workers and has an AI-powered communication abilities.

A robotic bartender, something rather from a sci-fi movie than a nightclub is becoming a reality in the end of this year. Together with scientists from several universities, an Estonian service robotics startup RoboLab is building something really fascinating.

The robot with a soul is called Yanu and is called to life to improve the service and output quality at a busy bars, save time of the customers and offer some entertainment at the bar. Also the unit is definitely saving the hefty workforce expenses or losses of bar-owners and boost their income to new levels with its fast and precise operation.

The new Yanu prototype will be ready in the end of 2018 and ready for production and first demo-bars during 2019, so very soon. As Alan Adojaan, the CEO of Robolab says: “Yanu bartending robot is a first humble step in helping out service industry to do their job better in every aspect of the business. I believe that AI and robotics will soon create a revolution in that industry that You do not want to miss.”

Find out more about the robo-barman Yanu here:

Yanu robot bartender comes in three colors: white, red and black.