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  • Richard Raizes

    Richard Raizes

    Partner at Plutus21 Capital. Follow for insights from a top performing blockchain / crypto fund manager. Not giving advice.

  • Ben Michel

    Ben Michel

  • Mike Dudas

    Mike Dudas

    Technology builder: blockchain, cryptoassets, FinTech, Mobile Commerce

  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

  • genco ilgin elcora

    genco ilgin elcora

    Curious and skeptic. Enjoys sports, business and science. Salesman. From Izmir/Istanbul. Allegro non troppo...

  • Tareq Fadel

    Tareq Fadel

    I'm a #HTML5 advocate and developer specialising in mobile web app design & development. I have a MSc (Distinction) in Computing researched #WebGL on mobiles.

  • Simon Borg

    Simon Borg

  • Amit Koirala

    Amit Koirala

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