Alan Hanson

fave me baby

i’m gonna pull out my phone
navigate over to your profile page
scroll thru ever so gently again and again
till your tweets are practically screaming for it
then i’m gonna fave you so hard

not once, not twice
but 5 times in one sitting
fave after fave after fave until you can’t take it anymore
till you are so exhausted by the faving
you’ll beg me to stop

i’m gonna make you think:
i’m reallllllllly into your content
like actually irl picking up
what you put down
i laugh out loud at your joke about bernie sanders
i love the sopranos t00
that selfie got me half chub
shit let’s just
netflix and fave all damn day and forget
we have jobs and friends or family or thirst

oh you think we are done?
the fave beast has an appetite
you probably can’t quench
he is gonna need to explore other timelines
other corporate brand accounts
other kardashian sisters
other memes

not the memes.
you will think the memes were special
not like links
they were yours
and yours alone
but you were wrong
many booties can have me like
don’t hate the player
hate the fave
and keep on tweetin
you’ll find the fave you are looking for

do not worry
i’ll leave you one last fave
on my way out
not for you
but for me
bc it gets me ready
makes me feel less bad about
the subtweet that’s inevitably

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