Watch designs and wire frames

Pebble 2

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Figure 1: Pebble 2 Wire frame

Above Figure 1 shows the proposed wire frame design for a Pebble 2 watch. FlexDesign started with this one first because it is the smallest of the watches available. 
All the elements are stacked in a scroll-able view.

Apple Watch

Figure 2: Apple Watch WireFrame

Above Figure 2 shows that as the screen of watches increase, more content can be displayed. The Logo and Notification title can be placed onto the same row, leaving more room for the job specification to be displayed. 
There is possible scope with this size to leave the logo and title fixed in place.

Mobile wire frame

Figure 3: Phone wire frame

Above figure 3, shows the wire frame design for mobile devices. All the elements will be stacked on top of each other and scrollable. There is now enough space on the screen to ensure the logo can remain fixed to the top of screen and provide a drop down navigation menu for users to navigate the site, while the rest of the content scrolls behind it.

Table/ web site wire frame of Home page

Figure 4: Table/website wireframe

Figure 4, shows the proposed wire frame the home page of a full web site which will be viewable on tablet or desktops. 
In this view, there is scope for a fixed menu at the top and a footer at the bottom. There is also A search form function and a host of recent job postings for quick access. In this full width view the recent job postings will be able to consist of 2–3 columns.

Job Listing Wire frame

Figure 5: Job listing wire frame

Above, Figure 5 shows the proposed wire frame for a job listing web page. 
The original search from the home page has been condensed to shift the focus on the results of the jobs but to allow the user quick access to do a fresh search.

A new sub-menu has been added on the left, to all users to refine the results returned if to many were present.

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