Charlottesville Is Tearing Apart This ‘Seinfeld’ Meme Facebook Group
Miles Klee

I got kicked out of this supposedly pro-free-speech group for posting an anti-Trump meme in a comment section. When they kept deleting it without explaining why, I kept re-commenting it. Then I made it into a post and they blocked me from the group.

I joined the group earlier this year and “elved” against the racist pro-Trump troll culture that dominated there. My main weapon was making memes that were way more clever than the shit they reposted from previous years.

The bloody windshield meme above was mine. I was trying to express a distinctly anti-Jim Fields sentiment….I only got “likes” from the “commies” and the “libs.” None of the known racist trolls liked it.

Anyway, when I posted this harmless meme (see below), I got kicked out : it’s the “pinned post” on a new Seinfeld group I’m trying to create for people who like shit-edgy humor as long as it’s halfway clever

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