I walked into the pub in Angola.

I walked into the pub.
I needed a beer and some grub.
The pub is in an area
that will give you whites a certain amount of hysteria.
The streets are full of sand
Blown in from the land.
Everywhere you look, litter you will find
Plastic, chicken bones, fish heads and orange rind.

The windows to the pub are burglar barred
Painted yellow and green, dotted and starred.
Out on the veranda are tables and chairs
Where patrons can drink and shout out”cheers”
A step inside will change your mind
Where glass tables, leather chairs, white tiles and mirrors you’ll find.

I like the cross section of people combined,
Ladies in the morning to tete a tete
And men at night to argue and bet.
I drink fino a draught that I love
While others drink their choice from the menu above.
As more arrive the louder the voices soar
Until you can’t hear yourself above the roar.

This particular evening sat a girl on the verandah.
Her prettiness set my eyes to wander.
As she was talking to my usual waiter
I thought I’d tease him a little bit later.
I went inside and was soon a drinking
When in walked the girl that set me thinking
What a nice body for someone to enjoy
Sometimes I wish I could be that boy.

She approached the bar her account to pay
Then as she got to the door she stopped to say “hey!
Are you Spanish?” and flashed a smile.
I held my breath for a little while
That she was pretty there is no doubt
To control my lust I need to be stout.
I offered her a drink
She seemed to stagger and think.
Then she sat down
Looked confused with a frown.

She chatted and touched me like I was familiy.
My hand, my thigh and my knee.
Adalina was the name she chose
While I counted her tatoos from head to toes.
I asked her was it not sore
To prick and with fingernails her skin to score.
“Of course” she said.
Smiled and nodded her head.

Her head was braided with auburn hair
I remembered as I fixed my stare
Upon her lips so generous and moist
A tempting spot for a kiss to foist
Her light brown skin and eyes so dark
Contrasted with eyebrows painted stark.
Soon she left to have a pee.
My eyes followed het quite surrepticiously.

I got up and paid the bill
Although she had some beer left still.
She came back to the table again
And I knew she would be a pain.
With a flashy smile and a probing glare
She asked me for her taxi fare.
As she left to go her way
I noticed her legs and body sway
She had had enough
Of this heavenly stuff.

I asked Serafim guarding my car.
“What you think of my girlfriend so far?”
He gawked and he swallowed as he eyed her butt
And advised me with an ahem and a tut tut tut.
“She is a prostitute
A girl of ill repute.”
With head cocked I asked. “How should I know?”
“By those tatoos and short denims on show.”
“Oh!” I said in surprise,
A sort of feined disguise.
“She was just a flirt.
I didn’t get hurt.”

As we drove home at the setting of the sun
Serafim advised against girls with the perfect bum.
I laughed that my loneliness with a beer
Was broken by unusual company and good cheer.
It is always an adventure
When out of your comfort zone you venture.