How the Internet Gave Mail-Order Brides the Power
Meredith Talusan

An interesting enough article and not overly offensive, but this bit is suspect:

“Men are still seeking out beautiful women who would be “out of their league” if they weren’t poor”

Let’s reword that — “ Women are still seeking out men with money, who would be “out of their league” if they weren’t foreigners”

The word you were looking for, whilst skirting close to misandry, is hypergamy.

Only a Buzzfeed writer could take a woman taking advantage of a man’s wealth, and paint it as him taking advantage of her…

I have zero problem with the lovely ladies of the Philippines or anywhere else wanting to hook up with a foreigner, wealthy or not, but your tone makes it seem that somehow the men “have power” over the women and that is now changing. In truth the income disparity merely reduced the power imbalance all men face with women, as any man who ever tried asking out any woman ever, will confirm.

You’d probably paint the same kind “male power exploiting local womenfolk” regarding me and my lovely Malaysian wife. You know, the uni’ lecturer that found me in the UK wanting to leave and find me an Asian lady, so whom dragged me back to Malaysia with her, but yeah, knock yourself out with the stereotypes…

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