What is stopping you?
Kenneth Lynch

I’ve pretty much decided on Mint, but I’m holding back for now for a number of reasons.

First, it’s pretty much impossible for find a laptop with Linux. Certainly here in Malaysia. Dell have them but at a significant price premium over buying a Windows 10 laptop and then installing Windows 8.1. How does that even make sense?

(the issue seems to be drivers, and my local vendor struggled to get a driver for the laptop’s touchpad)

The other big issue is Office. I CAN use Libre or whatever, and have done, but I generally prefer Word. It’s what I use every day.

Software and an operating system I’m familiar with are important to me. I have no desire to change, too old for that, so will embrace change slowly and reluctantly :)

I have however switched to Thunderbird for email…

But the biggest problem? That Linux still seems to be aimed at people who care more about the computer and software than the work they’re doing with it. Can we say nerds? ;)

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