Digital Nomad, Digital Expat or Digital Loser? The Big Debate
Nicholas Barang

Well this is funny to me :)

I came to despise the UK and decided to move to Asia, as a ‘refugee’ from the misandry, spying and general ‘Big Sister’ aspect of that cesspit.

Ended up in Malaysia.

Learned how to create websites, how to get software made in India, how to hone my selling skills as a writer and scraped a living as a “loser”, according to you. Loved every minute of it really, though yes, the visa runs were a real pain and worry at times.

Kept getting better at what I do, attracted clients for my writing, continued getting better — and what I didn’t become is a bitter, jealous person like the author above.

Today I have my own rather nice semi-detached house, with my 23ft speedboat parked in one of the 2 driveways, my 2 motorcycles, my wife’s (local Malaysian cutie, a government university lecturer, yay, healthcare!) car and my 4x4 truck. I had to buy that truck 2nd hand, as I’m such a loser.

AND it’s 1pm, my timer is going to say enough social media time wasting, back to work. You know, freelancing as a writer in Asia, being a “loser”.


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