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Progressive Folks = Liberals = that is a Mental Disorder !

Tax and spend , steal from successful folks who followed all the rules and and take from them with upto 50% taxes (State and Federal) and redistribute to the lazy folks with ebt card and obama telephones who are able to work but do not really want to ! These programs were for truly designed to help disabled folks and single moms who deserve food and shelter, not for the Hillary’s voters , those low lifes who can work but do not want to , they are the real problem ! Not the Conservative Christian’s and Patriots who voted ,stood up and said this liberal crap is gone to far, giving illegals driving licenses, hiding these criminals in Sanctuary cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles etc You are harboring criminals who slipped across the border illegally , can’t you understand that ? So anyway . We won ! You Prog’s better get used to it ! Money will soon be cut off from Federal Gov. Treasury and you can pay out of your pockets for illegal aliens and the other criminals that you are hiding in your cities ! Good luck with that ! Mr and Ms. Progressive !

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