Because of pandemic disruption, now may be a suitable time to suggest changes

Looking down an aisle of office cubicles with chairs
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During my career in an office environment, most of the companies were old-school thinking. Everyone had to be in the office, had minimum benefits, sporadic reviews, and other standard practices. There was a rigid set of rules that companies would use for running day-to-day operations.

You could not suggest different…

Is it a good idea to go back to a company that you left?

Bridge over water on fire
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During my 40+ years as a software developer, I had the situation where I could return to companies I had previously worked for. This happened twice and I went back to the companies, but for different reasons.

My first job out of college with a degree in computer science was…

AP Carpen

Paid Member; Semi-Retired Software Developer; Will write about computers for non-techs, human nature, how-to, and some humor; Developing a YouTube channel

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