Reason: 80% get back a passion 20% possibly adding to Social Security income

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Starting new

A few years back, I was laid off from my software developer job that I thought would not happen. I was close to being eligible for Social Security, but I knew that money may not last the rest of our lifetime. …

Words have a ripple effect in ways we can’t imagine.

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One company I worked for had a very demanding environment in which we created enterprise software for companies selling products. The software handled everything from soup to nuts, from taking a phone or internet order and keeping track of inventory to having the products picked from the warehouse, shipped, etc.

A non-technical approach to take when interviewing a new candidate

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This is not an interview technique created by professionals, just the way that I managed the interview process.

I was employed as a software developer for my entire career. A few companies that I was with for a few years asked me to help interview new candidates. …

Websites seem to be crashing more and not working correctly

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This is not an attack on current developers, but rather a hope that will have developers improve themselves and make them more desirable to employers.

More frequently, the websites and apps I use seem to crash at times. Or the websites just do not work. I fill in the forms…

What would prices of products be if they weren’t paid an average of $24,000,000 each year?

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I am not referring to those who have started a business from scratch and turned it into millions or billions of dollars. They deserve any monetary reward they get.

2020 statistics

The statistics below are an excerpt from a CNBC article.

The average CEO of the top corporations are paid 351 times the lowest paid in the company. The Economic Policy Institute

Your documents or stories will have a more natural flow

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Writing can be hard for a lot of us with coming up with ideas and the right words to express. But couple that with not being a great typist, and an act of joy can be a discouraging chore.

Writing can be hard for a lot of us with coming…

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