Why are we afraid to make mistakes?

The dictionary term for ‘mistake’ is an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong….

I completely disagree with this statement and meaning. My definition for ‘mistake’ would be an action that is necessary in every single persons life to promote growth, character and meaning. This goes for our global society too.

I think when people hear mistake or failure they cringe and do not want anything to do with it. If we did not make mistakes or fail in one way or another the world would not be what it is today. From aeronautics, engineering, medical, HEALTH AND FITNESS. I feel as a global society we attack and dissociate ourselves with those that have made mistakes and failed. We isolate and alienate them. Why? I mean we all make mistakes and fail in our lives whether you like it or not. Criticising others on their situation and giving their 2 cents on them is a mistake in itself.

Through mistakes we learn and through learning creates growth. Now being in the fitness and health industry it is extremely common for others to criticise others on various means on image and their specific health issues. The health and fitness industry is built heavily around imagery and what you look like. Health magazines, posters, advertisements and so forth are of six pack abs, toned tight butts and really attractive models splattered everywhere. What facade do we live in? Is this what our society wants to portray?

There are so many people out there that need our help but are afraid to make steps forward because all they see is for to be healthy and fit requires having a six pack, toned butt and ripped muscles. The health and fitness arena is an intimidating place and this needs to change. People come in to fitness establishments already feeling like failures because they do not have abs, butts or muscles…. Is it not time to change the outlook to the millions that need our services. A sign of encouragement, non intimidation and welcoming people in that mistakes are what is needed to create growth, to not feel ashamed and disappointed in themselves.

I know there are many health and fitness professionals that do promote the correct steps in helping whoever comes in to their space and create a wonderful experience with their health and fitness journeys. We need all the help we can get. With over 2 Billion people worldwide that are obese we need to portray the right message, make it less intimidating and guide these individuals that through mistakes comes growth and forward momentum. Do not be ashamed, do not be scared to commit towards your health and fitness.

I can admit to all that I have made mistakes in the past, now and shall in the future but I know through this I grow and become a better and all rounded person. I am not afraid to jump in to the unknown. Whose with me?